Consultant: Phil Roussey

Phil is a co-founder of Bell Microproducts, a $3.5B distribution and applications specialist in computer and storage technologies, where he served as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. Prior to founding Bell Micro, Phil spent his early career in electrical engineering and applications engineering roles at General Motors and Texas Instruments.

Phil spent his developmental years at General Motors as a factory automation engineer. Following this, he went to work at Texas Instruments in instrumentation engineering, semiconductor sales, and business development for embedded computing products. From this experience, he developed a lasting interest in sales and marketing and launched his career in business development. Ultimately, Phil brought these skills to marketing and sales in the computer and storage system industry.

Phil's experience has been developed from a spectrum of executive roles in failed and successful startups as well as medium and large public corporations. His responsibilities have included strategic planning, market development, demand creation, and marketing and sales management. He has significant expertise in channel marketing, based on more than 30 years in this field.

Phil received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering degree from the University of Michigan where he is a member of the Dean of the Engineering School's advisory board. He also holds a master's degree in computer science from Southern Methodist University.