Fast Forward Venture Planning Service Planning to Learn

The Fast Forward Venture Planning Service assists newly funded companies with initial market development planning. Designed to help companies from inception, the service uses a discovery-based planning method to create an emergent plan that provides a clear, but flexible yardstick for managing early-stage development.

Using a "reverse P&L" process, our planning begins with targeted profits, and works backward, using operating assumptions to arrive at a base revenue plan. We then identify critical business assumptions in the venture plan, performing a detailed risk analysis of each. This includes sales and marketing plans, value delivered, and degree of disruption expected. From this, we create an operating model of the company and then, based on thousands of what-if variations of the company's operating plan, project revenues, cash flow, and associated confidence levels. We also establish key checkpoints that the company must meet to validate business progress.

Rapid Assessment Service

In this simpler version of the Planning Service, Rapid Assessment provides investors and management teams a quick appraisal of plans, critical assumptions, and execution risks before the company enters the market or receives its initial funding. Starting with a reverse P&L statement, we evaluate the feasibility of the company's go-to-market plans and determine the minimum revenue levels needed by the venture. From this, we identify critical business assumptions and evaluate the risk of each assumption.

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