Principal: Narender Oruganti

Specialized Expertise Business Modeling and Analysis. In addition to Narender's extensive experience in strategy, marketing, and product management at established and emerging technology companies, Narender has developed a unique specialty in business modeling and analysis that began with public services demand system modeling sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This specialty has been further developed over Narender's career, to the benefit of operations and decision-making at many of his previous employers.

At NetApp, for example, Narender led the development of operational and pricing models that streamlined pricing and marketing expenditure decisions at a time of hyper-growth by the Company. The pricing model, which took multiple distribution channels, complex system interrelationships, competition, demand, and profitability into account, enabled single-day decisions on major pricing actions at time of limited IT infrastructure. At HP, Narender led the worldwide forecasting and pricing group for a $1B PC and server business. Modeling and analysis by the group contributed to successful implementation of a new PC distribution model by the company.

Today, Narender has applied his expertise to 1st Wave diagnosis and planning services, where modeling and simulation enable systematic appraisal of operating performance and its sensitivity to different facets of execution.