We provide specialized growth advice and assistance to early-stage technology companies. Typically, we serve business-to-business clients with revenues ranging from $5M to $75M. To accomplish our work, we employ unique methodology and tools designed specially for emergent business and formative market environments. Our advice is practical, effective, and readily implementable for organizations with limited resources and staff.

Our methods are built on principles of innovation adoption and early-stage innovation business management. These include:

  • Inside-out, bottom-up assessment.     
  • Innovation adoption focus.     
  • Systematic appraisal.     
  • Discovery-based planning.     

All of our advice is made from a practitioner's perspective acquired through years of operating experience in environments ranging from raw startup to billion-dollar businesses. In our nine-year history, we've provided advice to both public companies and privately held ventures in systems, data storage, semiconductors, software, and alternative energy. All of our principals and affiliates have more than 25 years of experience in their fields.