Troubleshooting. Emergent Planning and Strategy. Implementation Assistance.

Bringing innovation to market is never easy. Getting to growth is even harder. In the early stages of market development, there is a lot that a company doesn't know: strategies and plans are built from assumptions as much as facts. Moreover, customers don't buy innovation — they adopt it. The costs of learning what works and what doesn't can be steep, especially when you're not growing.

At 1st Wave Marketing, we help early-stage companies get to growth faster using an approach designed specifically for innovation businesses and formative markets. Whether you engage us for troubleshooting, planning, or implementation assistance, we can help your company get to growth quickly — and keep it that way.

When companies encounter difficulties, troubleshooting with strategic analysis takes more time and effort than most startups can afford. Conditions also change quickly, putting a premium on fast response.

With this in mind, we've created a faster way to evaluate and plan emerging businesses by reversing the logic of conventional methods. Starting with innovation adoption, we analyze the impact of value, execution, and then strategy on the adoption process. By focusing on adoption and customers rather than market assumptions and strategy, we get to the heart of growth problems faster. In a matter of weeks, we'll help you understand how to achieve better results and get on a path to growth.